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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rare footage

I just remembered that I have some footage of Slade from their concert in Copenhagen at "K.B. Hallen" in November 1974. At that time Denmark only had one TV-station and they shot some footage of the band both on and off stage. It was aired again some time ago in connection with a series about Denmark in the 1970es. Slade had a major influence on the Danish youth of that time so the band was obviously found worthy of being featured in this programme.
The footage is in black and white with no original sound. The whole thing lasts around 2 minutes, making it likely to have been an item in the television news. Most of the 2 minutes consists of interviews with young fans before the concert, but you also see the guys backstage. In the first clip they are in the dressing room, Nod is eating, Don is drinking, Jim's getting dressed and Dave is tuning his Superyob guitar. The second clip shows Dave leaving the dressing room upon which Don says something to Jim, making Jim burst into laughter. Nod is still eating. The final clip shows the band on stage ever so briefly, before zooming out on the crazed teenage fans. The sound for this is "Hear Me Calling", clearly taken off the "Slade Alive!" album.
I've once seen some other footage from the concert. A clip of Slade entering the stage and two short ones from the concert itself, Jim standing provocatively close behind Nod on one of them. Now I'm curious if that Danish TV-station has the whole concert somewhere in the archives...


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