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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The DR archives

Yesterday I went with Don to the archives of the Danish National TV-station DR. His girlfriend had taken the day off to drive us, which was really nice of her, as it was a drive of several hundred kilometres. Mikael Helmuth of the Team Theatre also wanted to go with us, so we were quite a party.
The DR archives didn't have that much on Slade, though. Apart from the programme about the concert in K.B.-Hallen, Copenhagen, 1974, which I have reviewed in the October 2005 archive of this blog, they only had 3 videos. One was the promo video for My Friend Stan, one was a Top Of The Pops take of Merry Xmas Everybody from 1973 with Don wearing Noddy's mirror hat to cover the scar on his head after his accident and one was a 1981 video of We'll Bring The House Down. None of us had seen that last video before and it was really interesting. It was made before and during Slade's gig at the Gaumont and although it was playback it was good. There were many close-ups of the guys on stage, but also wide shorts with the guys on stage and fans in front of it. The funny thing is that on the close-ups the guys were lined up the usual way with Jim on the left and Dave on the right side of the stage when watching from the audience, but during the wide shorts mirrored images were used. Also the lip sync work of Noddy and especially Jim was rather bad, but the guys seemed to have a great time, Jim and Don laughing and Noddy freaking out at the end.


At 8:22 PM, Blogger garyBrum said...

would you appen to know if this MXE from TOTP is one that is missing from the BBC archive.
Cheers KOR Gaz

At 9:38 AM, Blogger Lise Lyng Falkenberg said...

Hi Gaz,
No, I don't think it is the one as it has been aired frequently. I even think that it is the one featured on the upcoming DVD, replacing the MXE-version from the Wall of Hits-DVD, where the guys were drunk.
All the best


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