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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

2005 index

The problem with blogs is that navigation is impossible. You can't navigate on a blog, but have to read through the whole sh*t to find what you want. Therefore I've decided to put up a yearly index for this blog so you can see what I've been ranting about throughout the different months. Here goes:

Beginnings, May 28
An original Slade concert, May 28
Interlude, May 29
A new Slade concert, May 30

Review: Play it loud!, June 1
Slade in Flame, June 6
Dave Hill biography, June 10
Noddy Holder biography, June 11
Jim Lea biography, Juny 12
Don Powell biography, June, 13
The Slade Bible, June 25

Who's Crazee Now?, July 3
Cover songs, July 6
Wall of Hits DVD, July 8
Don Powell came by, July 17
Wall of Hits Vol. 2, July 21

Danish links, August 3
Don Powell interview, August 10
A new "new" Slade concert, Vissenbjerg the 5th of August 2005, August 14
Slade in Holstebro, Denmark, August 13th 2005, August 18
Open air concert with Slade, the 20th of August 2005, August 24

The Genesis of Slade, September 1
Rare footage, September 6
Those Danish papers!, September 16
Don Powell on Danish television, September 18
Slade meets Dickens, September 23

Ludwig book, October 1
Slade cut-out, October 2
Original Slade - Danish tour dates, October 4
The ticket for my first and only concert with the original Slade, October 6
'N Between Times, October 7
Footage from Copenhagen 1974, October 9
Alive DVD, October 10
Inside Slade, October 12
When The Black Country Rocked, October 14
1978 photos, October 17

More 1978 photos, November 3
Links and photos, November 4
The DR archives, November 9
2003 photos of Don and Dave, November 15
1974 articles, November 16
The Word, November 19
Classic Rock, November 22

The Very Best of Slade - DVD, December 2
Slade Lochem broadcast from VARA Television, December 13
The Bilston-gig, December 14, 2005, December 21


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