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Monday, February 06, 2006

He's "far, far away"

This is the headline of a feature about Don in the Danish paper "Midtjyllands Avis" from October 8, 2005. That Don spends a lot of time in Denmark has not been very well known among Danes until features like this started to pop up in the papers late last year, and this feature is actually very, very good. It sports a full-page photo of him on the front page of the weekend section as well as an interview running 2 whole pages. The interview is spiced with many new photos of Don at his favourite haunts in the town of Silkeborg, where he lives. I've just added the best ones here. The top one is the one from the front-page where it was accompanied by the caption "Don Powell came to town". All photos are © press photographer Jens Anker Tvedebrink.
The interview takes the readers from Don's childhood and up until today. It deals with his upbringing, how he got to play the drums, the founding of what became Slade, the meeting with Kim Fowley and later with Chas Chandler, the hits, the tours, Don's accident, and of course how he met Hanne. There are many funny stories in the interview, one of my favourites being about the break-in in Don's car. Don tells that in Slade's heydays somebody broke into his car because they wanted souvenirs. Don notices that Slade's popularity has declined a bit since then. A couple of years ago somebody broke into his car again. This time they stole a CD-player that contained 10 CDs. They only nicked 8 of the CDs, though, and left 2 behind. Those two were both with Slade…
All in all the interview is a very good read with only minor mistakes, due to insufficient research. The article thus claims that Don and Dave met both Nod and Jim on the ferry going to Germany in the sixties, that it was their fans who suggested the names Ambrose Slade and Slade, and that Chas Chandler was the manager of The Animals, but that's it, basically.
For those of you who read Danish a copy of the paper can be ordered at Click on the "kontakt"-button for e-mail addresses.


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