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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rock Legends

In 2003 Central TV, UK, aired a 25 minutes Rock Legends programme featuring Slade. Rock Legends ran for 2 series and was hosted by Noddy and so was this final episode dedicated to Slade.
25 minutes isn't much when you have to cover a 25 years long career, so something had to be left out or only touched upon lightly.
The documentary deals with The 'N Betweens, the meeting with Chas Chandler, some of the hits (namely 'Coz I Luv You, How Does It Feel? and MXE) and Don's accident. Here the documentary ends its story and only briefly touches the honorary fellowships bestowed upon the band by Wolverhampton University in 2002. There is no mention of Flame, no mention of the 2 years in the USA, no mention of the second coming at Reading and absolutely no mention of the end of the original Slade. Instead there's loads and loads about Noel Gallagher and Oasis. A strange order of priority, I think.
But it is really nice seeing the 4 solo interviews with the guys: Dave showing around in Wolverhampton, Nod in the Rock Legends studio, Don behind his drums and Jim in a recording studio. They talk very frankly, especially Jim, about the relationships between the four of them and Don about the time after his accident. There are a few clips from different TV-performances and the guys tell some funny anecdotes as well.
All in all, it's too short, though, and one wonders why it has been made after the brilliant documentaries Perseverance from 1986 and It's Slade from 1999. Probably because Noddy hosted the Rock Legend series, I guess.


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