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Monday, April 17, 2006

Slade on German RTL television

On April 12th Slade participated in "Die ultimative Chart Show" on RTL. The show listed the 50 most successful songs in German TV commercials. Slade made it to No. 2 with "Far Far Away" for a C & A commercial, only beaten by Sam Cooke with "Wonderful World" for a Levi's commercial.
Slade appeared live in the studio with "Far Far Away" and it was great seeing them on stage.
Besides playing "Far Far Away" you could also spot the guys at the end of the show where all artists were on stage along with the show hosts. Furthermore there was a short intro to the song where different German celebrities commented on the song and clips from the original promo-video with Noddy and Jim were seen.
The show was taped on Dave's birthday, April 4. Four days before the show was aired Monika Kahle from Pop Rock News talked to Dave about doing "Far Far Away" for the show on his birthday. You can watch a clip from that on You Tube .
Dave also talked to Monika about working with Slade with 40 years. You can see a clip of that here.
Finally Don made some promotion for his upcoming interview on RMN Radio.


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