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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Slade at the Portland Recording Studios, 1981

On You Tube you'll find a lot of videos of Slade. One in particular caught my eye. It was taped for Belgian RTB television (now called VRF) sometime during April 9th and April 11th in 1981 where the band recorded at the Portland studios in London.
The boyz introduce themselves and there are small interviews with them. Dave talks about Slade's music and his own musical preferences, namely classical music and John Williams.
Jim also reveals his musical preferences, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and all the other greats. He talks about Slade being together for 15 years, which he sees as a record and he tells about Slade's previous visits to Belgium.
Nod mentions Slade's upcoming Belgian tour and Don says that he's interested in listening to records, in going to the cinema and in girls.
Chas Chandler is also being interviewed and he tells how he first got to see the band. He talks about their music and live performances and also about the chemistry between them.
The programme is in French, but the interviews are subtitled instead of overdubbed. It is really worth seeing, especially as you get to watch the guys work in the studio.
BTW, Philippe of the Amazing Slade-site told me a wonderful (and true!) story about Slade playing in Brussels, Belgium in 1973. They played so loud that the Royal Observatory of Belgium, located in Uccle (+/- 10 km from the venue) recorded a small earthquake in Brussels! The earthquake was announced on the radio and caused quite a bit of panic. But after all it was just Slade playing a little bit too loud...and the 7,000 fans stomping their feet! Great story, Philippe!


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