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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

American Bandstand, 1984

Some time ago I had the opportunity to see a video of Slade performing at an American Bandstand-show hosted by Dick Clark. The show was aired on June 23, 1984 and the guys do Run Runaway and My Oh My. If you've seen this particular episode 2601 of AB you'll remember, because during Run Runaway Jim actually trips over the wires and very inelegantly struggles to gain his balance, which makes him as well as Don burst into laughter.
Dick Clark introduces the band by telling about their "extraordinary record-breaking success in England and all over the world" and he says that their success in the United States is too long overdue.
Between songs Dick Clark interviews the guys and Noddy talks about them being chums and that they still enjoying playing together. Dave tells about their popularity around the world, and Jim talks about their No. 1 hits in England and why it took so long to make hits in the USA. Don says nothing. Anyway, thanks for the view, Don!


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