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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Slade micro site

Union Square Music’s Slade micro site is now up and running. It contains info on the new remastered CDs, such as track lists, covers and other details. There’s a news page where you can read about the promo for the remasters, their release dates etc., and you can join a mailing list to keep updated on the news and realeases.
The site also contains a short biography written by Ken Sharp, a discography, a few photos which you’ll also find in the booklets of the remasters, and then an interview with Nod. This page is called “interviews” so hopefully other interviews with other band-members will surface as well.
Finally there’s a contact-page and a links-page with a wide range of links, some out-dated, though.
All in all, the micro site is really good, easy to work and with nice art work. Check it out!


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