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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Danish photos from 1977

A Danish fan sent me some photos of Slade in concert in Denmark, from the Copenhagen Falconer Theatre concert on April 20, 1977. Thanks a lot for letting me use them!
Another Danish fan, Heine Mindstrup, remembers of this gig that the band arrived from London late on April 19th at Kastrup Airport Copenhagen. Here they were received by half a dozen female fans as well as a young kid aged 12, namely Heine himself.
The band was taken in a limo to the Plaza Hotel, one of the more luxurious hotels in Copenhagen at the time, where all the famous bands used to stay. The same day they went to the Falconer Theater to do sound check.
On April 20th they went on stage at the Falconer Theater at 8 p.m. after the Danish band Mabel had opened for them. The 2,000 seater theatre was only half full, though, as Slade’s heydays were over. They did their US set as well as a few new songs from “Whatever Happened To Slade”. To the audience the concert was magnificent, but the Danish press gave them a hard time, saying that they played too loud, that they were boring and didn’t bring anything new to Denmark. Heine closes his story by telling that nevertheless did the Danish National Radio make a programme about Slade’s visit to Denmark.

You can learn more about this particular gig from Chris Charlesworth’s “Feel The Noize”. Here you can read about the awful press that the guys had and about them having 7 British journalists with them on tour. Among them Colin Irwin who did a somewhat nasty piece on Slade in Copenhagen in Melody Maker and Sheila Prophet of The Record Mirror who gave the guys a friendlier mention, mostly giving the poor acoustics of the theatre the blame.
The Scandinavian tour was ended prematurely after another 4 or 5 gigs in Denmark. The Danish press went on strike around the same time, anyway, so the guys didn’t get any publicity.


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