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Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 index

Sex, Speed & Rock'n'Roll, January 4
New Don Powell recordings!, January 8
German photos, January 17
Just One More Time, January 25
Therapy, January 31

Rocky, February 5
Slade in Aalborg, February 6
Slade in Aarhus, February 12
B-sides, February 23
Slade in Flame, February 24
Nobody's Fools, February 24

James Whild Lea: “Therapy”, March 2
The Slade Story, March 6
The Slade Papers; March 13
Cum On Feel The Noize! The Story Of Slade, March 19
Flame in Record Collector, March 26
Slade In Flame Collectors Edition, March 31

MOJO review of Flame, April 7
In For A Penny: Raves And Faves, April 9
Whatever Happened To Slade, April 10
We’ll Bring The House Down, April 10
Till Deaf Do Us Part, April 10
Rockers, April 11
Slade in Silkeborg, April 16
Eduscho-tour 1977, April 24

Jim on My Space, May 2
Don Powell recordings, May 3
Flame interview with Don, May 10
New homepage, May 16
Sladeshop, May 24
The replugged official bootleg of Jim Jam Live, May 31

Don Powell Q & A, June 6
Flame review, June 13
The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome, June 22
Rogues Gallery, June 22
You Boyz Make Big Noize, June 22
The Collection 79-87, June 22

Thanks for the memories!, July 1
The concert that got away, July 7
Mojo Award for 'Flame', July 12
GAFFA-review of Flame, July 19
Jan’s photos of Slade, July 26

Don in GAFFA, August 2
Don in musical, August 8
Slade on Gran Canaria, August 15
Delighted To See You, August 23

”Oliver T.” singers, September 1
50 greatest film soundtracks, September 9
Oliver T., September 15
The Guardian highlight, September 25

The PR strikes back, October 2
Slade in Vejle, October 8
Slade in Skoerping, October 12
Oliver T. - again, October 23

Flame in Classic Rock, November 1
Slade on Danish Christmas CD, November 8
Free Slade CD, November 14
In memory of Ran (1963-2007), November 21
New Don Powell interview, November 27

Noddy to get a Broad Street star, December 5
Slade in Bilston, December 12, 2007, December 17
Slade 2007, December 31


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