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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just One More Time

Before Christmas a fan enabled me to see ”Just One More Time”, the 30 minutes Slade-documentary filmed by a group of students at Peterborough Wirrina Pavilion and Nottingham Kimberley Leisure Centre on January 18-19, 1991.
The students followed the guys everywhere, setting up stage, doing sound check, in the dressing room, having dinner, meeting fans etc. etc. They also filmed some songs off the concerts, namely the performances of “Dizzy Mama”, “We’ll Bring The House Down”, “Get Down And Get With It” and “Lemme Love Into Ya”.
Dave, Jim and Nod are interviewed (but for some reason not Don?) and the comments from the three of them are used as voice-overs. This way the guys tell their own story and they get into all sorts of things, their views on the band, on touring, their equipment, crew, fans, song writing and so on. Very informative.
The documentary also contains still photos of the band, some well-known, others rare, and all in all this is one of the better things that I have seen done on Slade.


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