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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nobody’s Fools

The last of Union Square Music’s February re-issues is ”Nobody’s Fools”. This album was originally recorded while Slade was staying in America and that shows in both music and lyrics.
The album has 4 bonus tracks: the 1975-single ”Thanks For The Memory”, which made it to no. 7 in the British charts and also happens to be one of my favourite Slade-songs, and then the B-sides ”Raining In My Champagne”, ”Can You Just Imagine” and ”When The Chips Are Down”. All 3 can be found on the new B-sides album as well.
The booklet included has some more or less well-known pics of the guys as well as Chris Ingham track-by-track account of the album. As with the other 2 releases (Flame and the B-sides) Ingham’s writings are pretty informative although he sometimes ought to take a closer look at who is playing what on the recording.
Nice album, though, and as Ingham says, Don’s all-time favourite, and with the always perfect remastering of Tim Turan it’s a pleasure to listen to.


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