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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Slade in Aalborg

Slade opened their official 2007 gigs with a short tour of Denmark. They had sell-out smash concerts on February 2nd and 3rd, which I wasn’t able to attend. For the third concert on February 4th I just had to be there because it marked my 2 years anniversary with the ”new” Slade. My god! Is it only 2 years since I saw this new incarnation of the band for the first time? It feels like we’ve known each other for ages!
Anyway, at noon I took the train to Aalborg, which is a 3½ hours train ride away from my hometown. Ever so boring! Getting off the train it only took a couple of minutes to walk to the venue and as I could see, that Don and Hanne had already arrived, I popped in to say hello. Hugs and kisses all around, then I was off to the hotel. When I’d done what I needed to do there, I went back to the venue, but of course by then all doors were closed and because of the sound check nobody could hear me call their mobile phones. Well, I don’t give up that easily, so I found a window leading into the bar-area of the venue. I KNOCKED and a bartender heard me and let me in, escorting me to the concert-area.
Hugs and kisses all around once more and I sat down with Don and Hanne and a cup of tea until Don had to sound check some more.
The next couple of hours were spent with sound checking, eating, reading, talking etc. and Hanne and Don brought me a new Slade T-shirt with the original line-up printed on. Thank you!
Around six o’clock the rest of the guys showed up and did their bits and then they went backstage whereas I stayed out front with hard-core fans Per and Kirsten and the guys who were selling Slade merchandise. When the doors opened the merchandise sold out within half an hour!
Suddenly the local bakery came with a cake for Slade with the words “Slade alive” on it and I took it backstage. On the way I happened to get some whipped cream on me and when I’d washed it off, John almost wet himself laughing, asking, “Are you still breastfeeding?” So you can guess where I had soiled myself!
I stayed backstage for a while, then returned to the venue, which was situated in another building than the backstage area. I met up with Mikael, theatre manager and friend of Don and Hanne, and then out front with Per and Kirsten. The concert started at 8.15 p.m. with us wading in broken glass as the venue sold beverages in bottles and glasses. The set list was:
We’ll Bring The House Down
Lock Up Your Daughters
Far Far Away
Red Hot
Look Wot You Dun
‘Coz I Luv You
Run Runaway
My Oh My
Hear Ya Callin’
Gudbuy T’Jane
Mama Weer All Crazee Now
Get Down And Get With It
and for the encores:
Cum On Feel The Noize
Merry Xmas Everybody
The venue was a small 400 capacity room and it was totally sold out. Everybody was up and going, although there was hardly any banter between songs, no costume changes, nothing except music, which – after all – is the most important thing!
To the thrill of the audience Mal said, “Skaal!” after Far Far Away, Dave was prancing around during My Oh My and Don was laughing himself silly, talking gobble-de-gook during Get Down. John sported a new violin but looked rather glum during the whole show. I only saw him smile once. I was down front with Per and Kirsten and during Gudbuy T’Jane John stood on a box kicking out, his foot missing me by an inch! I didn’t really realise until it was over as I was busy photographing Mal and Dave, but when I was told, I looked up at John and he smiled. Tease!
Something happened during Hear Ya Callin’ as Mal’s voice suddenly disappeared thanks to the wonderful world of technology, but Dave made up for it by fooling around, having fun with the audience. Get Down then saw Mal getting down on his knees, looking up at Dave.
It was a great concert with a great crowd and afterwards a couple of guys came up to me to talk about this blog. Nice meeting you! I stayed at the venue with Per and Kirsten until it was time for them to say goodbye, then I had a drink with Mikael & friends before going backstage. There Hanne told me to try the cake (or what was left of it!) and it really was divine!
We all chatted a bit and I talked to Don about the upcoming Sladefest at the Robin 2 in Bilston this April (and yes, he is donating prizes for the quiz!) and about Bibble Brick. After an hour or so we called it quits and left the venue, which was still full of people having a great night out.
Thanks a lot to Don & Hanne, band, crew and all the rest of you for making this evening a proper second anniversary. See you all again Saturday! And thank you Per for letting me use some of your photos. From now on Per’s pics from various concerts will be labelled with a “© Per Christensen” directly on the photos. Concert pics with no labels are my own.


At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT REVIEW as always Lise and always enjoy looking at the photos!!!always appreciate your blog,its excellent!!!Dee

At 2:20 AM, Blogger Lise Lyng Falkenberg said...

Hi Dee,
Thank you. Hope you're well.


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