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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We’ll Bring The House Down

“We’ll Bring The House Down” is next up in USM’s re-issues of Slade’s back catalogue. Needless to say that the album is brilliantly remastered by Tim Turan. Furthermore it includes not only the tracks from “WBTHD” but also the “rest” of the tracks from “Return To Base”, so you kinda get 2-in-1. Very nice move.
The album comes with 3 bonus tracks, namely Not Tonight Josephine, Okey Cokey and 9 To 5 and that’s my only objection. I mean, the bonus tracks are fine, but why not include Two Track Stereo – One Track Mind instead of Okey Cokey? Of course Okey Cokey was a single of the time, but people are not very keen (to say the least) on that track and after all Two Track Stereo – One Track Mind WAS the original bonus track along with 9 To 5 on a previous re-release of “Return To Base”. I for one miss that track.
The CD comes with a 12 pages booklet where Chris Ingham briefly runs through the tracks and tells about Slade in the early eighties, how Chas Chandler stopped as their producer etc. spiced with band member-comments from Chris Charlesworth’s “Feel The Noize”-book from 1984.
As usual an appealing product.


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