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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome

I’ve always found The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome one of Slade’s best 1980es albums. It includes the hits Run Runaway and My Oh My and also other great tracks like (And Now The Waltz) C’est La Vie, Ready To Explode and High And Dry. Tim Turan’s remastering of the album is as brilliant as we have come to expect of USM’s re-issues.
The CD comes with a 12 pages full colour booklet with good photos and a guide through the tracks. It is especially nice to see that Chris Ingham, who’s written booklet text, notices the thematic of the albums side 2, beginning with Ready To Explode and finishing off with Razzle Dazzle Man. Ready To Explode has always managed to divide Slade-fans, either they hate the track or they love it, and I must admit that I love it. Apparently Jim wrote it, influenced by Meatloaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell”-album.
Union Square Music’s re-release comes with six bonus tracks, Keep You Hands Off My Power Supply which is more or less a Jim Lea solo-track and the 12” version of My Oh My with different guitar solos. Don’t Tame A Hurricane, the B-side of My Oh My and the 12” version Run Runaway with more violins, drums and guitar licks. Two Track Stereo One Track Mind which has always been a favourite of mine and finally the ”hotter mix” of Slam The Hammer Down, a promo-only CBS 12” by Shep Pettibone for the USA. With the distinct saxophones this is a very good closer for the bonus-tracks.
I think this CD is a very appealing product and the choice of bonus-tracks suits the album. Very recommendable.


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