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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Don in GAFFA

The big Danish music magazine GAFFA caught Don in the audience during an Aerosmith concert here in Denmark on June 6. He was asked how he liked the concert and this is what he answered:

What do you think of the concert?
It was great. Slade toured with Aerosmith in the seventies so to me it was fantastic to see them live again.

What was the highlight of the concert?
There was no highlight as such. It was all good.

What was the worst?
I don’t think anything was.

How did D-A-D do as support? [D-A-D formerly know as Disneyland After Dark is one of the oldest and most popular Danish rock bands]
They did really well. My wife has played some of their records to me and I really like them.

The short interview can be found in GAFFA’s July issue.


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