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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Slade – Live At The BBC

Finally it’s here, the 2 CD album from Salvo, “Live At The BBC”. It’s good finally to have the BBC recordings on CD and as always with Union Square Slade-productions the tracks are superbly remastered by Tim Turan.
“I was amazed that the BBC still had these tapes,” Don told me when he presented me with the album a couple of days ago, “We had a lot of fun recording there and we did that really quickly. We used to have three hours to record five songs and there never was any trouble with us.”

CD 1 of “Live At The BBC” consists of twenty BBC Radio 1 recordings (1969-1972) as well as a few Radio 1 jingles recorded in 1973 and 1974. The CD includes both cover songs and self-penned material.
Although half of the tracks were recorded prior to Slade’s heydays, what you’ll hear is a highly professional and very potent band, ably to excite the pants off their listeners. From the energetic opening track “Coming Home” to the rocking “Wild Winds Are Blowing” the CD is a pure delight.
Of the cover songs my personal favourites are Slade’s jazzy stab at Fairport Convention’s “It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft”, their dynamic version of Moby Grape’s “Omaha” and – of course one is tempted to say - Janis Joplin’s “Move Over”. That has always been one amazing song, perfect for Nod’s voice and Slade’s rhythm section.
The one that Don talked about the most was, however, Traffic’s “Coloured Rain”. “I don’t even remember learning it or playing that song,” he told me before continuing, “As I said to Jim a couple of weeks ago, it means nothing to me! It’s so strange!”
Of self-penned songs I have to mention Noddy’s “My Life Is Natural”, Nod/Jim’s “Gudbuy Gudbuy” and Jim/Don’s “Raven”. Nice to see Don and Jim getting a decent mention as the early song-writing team in the included booklet, by the way!
DJ Brian Matthew’s introductions highlight the listening experience of CD 1 and give it an “authentic” feel. The four jingles included are enjoyable as well; odes to Radio 1 over Slade backing tracks of “My Friend Stan” and “Everyday”. Is it just me, or does Slade on “We’re Slade” sound exactly like The Young Ones? (or rather TYO sounding like Slade!!)

CD 2 is the Radio One Live in Concert broadcast recorded at BBC’s Paris Theatre in London on August 17, 1972. The concert shows why Slade was always rated one of the world’s best live bands. The raw energy is mesmerising and the banter fun and colourful. MC Mike Harding chips in as well, talking to Nod between songs.
Personal highlights: Noddy talking to the audience, Jim’s cheeky violin on “Lady Be Good” and Don’s drums on “Good Golly Miss Molly”.

The included booklet features insight interviews with the band members and liner notes written by MOJO’s Mark Paytress.


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Russ said...

I think it is an absolutely fantastic package, and for me the highlights are the incredilbly loud Move Over and Keep on Rocking on CD2, and Dirty Joker on 1.

I actually remember the `My Friend Stan` jingles. Pity they haven`t put on the one of nod yelling "It`s Stewpot!!", that he used to do at the beginning of the Ed Stewart prog. The CDs are a great piece of bedlam for your headphones on Volume 11 though. Brilliant!

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Samuel F said...

One question...

Was "Six days on the road" really recorded in 1972 as the show features "When the chips are down" with another lyrics (namely "Six days on the road")? I am 99,9% sure that it was broadcated in 1975with the New Victoria Theatre gig being "part 2".

At 2:15 PM, Blogger Lise Lyng Falkenberg said...

As far as I know Six Days On The Road was indeed recorded in 1975. The booklet mention of it being recorded in 1972 must be wrong.

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just purchased Live At The BBC at iTunes and I love it!! The 'Play It Loud' album is one of my favorites, and so many songs from their heavy/progressive period are featured.

I haven't listened to the whole album yet, but I think the live version of Raven is outstanding. Thanks for posting about the album, Lise; I didn't realize it had been released.

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed about Slade, past and present.

At 4:43 AM, Anonymous Steveclassic said...

Agreed the Live at the BBC CD is a great treat for Slade fans. I've been playing mine a lot and just love it! Just love this era (69-72) and I would just like to give special mention to the Play It Loud material on disc 1 and Mama Weer All Crazee Now (the "new single") on disc 2. Absolutely brilliant/best ever live version of what I consider to be arguably Slade's best ever 45" release!

At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its christmasss!! Great news! Had no idea this was being released, gonna order it now. Feel the noize. Gas sladest.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Lise Lyng Falkenberg said...

Glad to be of help. :-D


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