Odds and sods about the British rock band Slade

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Look Wot I Dun" promotion in Odense, Denmark

After a slow start in the Moby Disc Records shop in Odense yesterday afternoon where only a handful of people came to buy the book and have it signed, things improved in the evening where Odense Music Library hosted a talk/Q&A with Don and me. So many people turned up that the Music Library had to put up more chairs!
The event at the Music Library lasted for 1½ hours with me introducing myself and the book in Danish before Don joined in and we talked about his life for about 40 minutes. After a short intermission where people were able to buy beer and soft drinks, the audience asked Don questions and had their books and other stuff signed by Don and me. By the end of the day, most of the books from Moby Disc Records had been snapped up after all.
Don and I had a lovely day and it was fun saying hi to so many of you. A big thank you to all of you who turned up!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Book signings in the West Midlands

Last weekend I went to the West Midlands in the UK to sign books with Don Powell. People were able to buy "Look Wot I Dun" - the authorised biography that I have written about Don - ten days ahead of the official release date. Friday we were taken to Waterstones in Wolverhampton by Matt Bourne, the National Account Manager with Omnibus Press, and it was a lovely surprise seeing people queuing all the way out into the street!
Don and I had to sign some pre-ordered books upstairs first, so we were a little late for the actual book signing, but at 12.10 p.m. it all started. For the next 90 minutes we signed around 120 books, although we were only supposed to sign books for 60 minutes! It was great seeing so many of you there and even Don's sister Carol and her husband Gerald turned up to the surprise of Don! After the book signing we did an interview with The Express and Star, which went online Monday.
After the book signing Don had a charity event at the Connaught Hotel in Wolverhampton - "Afternoon tea with Don Powell" in support of the National Autistic Society - and again it was great seeing so many of you. Afterwards we did an interview to The Midlands Rocks, which I hope went well.
Saturday Matt Bourne and his wife took me to Waterstones in Walsall where we met up with Don. We signed some posters for the on the first floor and when we got back down into the bookstore, there was a long queue of people all the way through room and Don and I were happy to sign over 50 copies within 40 minutes. In Walsall many of my friends turned up too and it was great seeing them and the rest of you there. The past twenty minutes of the book signing we spent signing books for people who had pre-ordered and we signed every single copy of the book in the store so that people would be able to buy signed copies even after we had left. After the book signing we went back to the Connaught Hotel to do an interview with Classic Rock Radio - one of the few who has realised that I wrote the book and not Don! I think the interview went well and after that Don and his stepson went down to London, whereas I went back to Sutton Coldfield by Birmingham. All in all a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for your kind support!