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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Don Powell on Danish television

Don was on Danish television this evening in connection with a new production of "Oliver Twist" on the Team Theatre in Danish town Herning. The director, Mikael Helmuth, is a big Slade-fan and uses Slade's music in the play. Helmuth met Don at Slade's Holstebro-gig last month and Don has attended some of the rehearsals of the play. This made a nice item in the TV-programme "Saadan ligger landet" on the DR1 channel today. Here you could see interviews with both Mikael Helmuth and Don, their first meeting in Holstebro had been filmed as well as Don attending a rehearsal. Furthermore there was some footage from the Slade-concert in Holstebro and even some old clips of the original Slade from respectively their concert in the "K.B. Hallen" in Copenhagen in 1974 and from their performance on Danish music-programme "Eldorado" in 1983.


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