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Friday, October 07, 2005

'N Between Times

'N Between Times from 2001 is a wonderful little book by Keith Farley. It is "an oral history of the Wolverhampton group scene of the 1960's" as it says in the subtitle, and it is really great. Through statements from fans and members of the vast number of bands in and around Wolverhampton in the 1960's, Farley throws light on the careers of the early Wulfrunian rock groups, the venues that they played, the agents and promoters they had and the conditions they had to work under.
Farley takes his readers through a time travel from the mid-1950's to the early 1970's and introduces you to groups like The Montanas, The Redcaps and The Soul Seekers, promoters and agents like Roger Allen, Nita Anderson and Ma Regan and venues like the Plaza at Old Hill, Ship & Rainbow and Three Men In A Boat. Although you have never set foot in Wolverhampton, Farley paints a picture so vivid that you sometimes think that you were actually there. In the sixties.
For Slade-fans the book is of utmost interest. You'll walk hand in hand with Nick & The Axemen, The Rockin' Phantoms, The Memphis Cut-Outs, Steve Brett & The Mavericks, The Vendors, The 'N Betweens and Ambrose Slade through Wolverhampton's rock scene as described by for instance Johnny Howells and Mick Marson of The Vendors and The 'N Betweens, Pete Bickley of The Memphis Cut-Outs and The Mavericks, Steve Brett himself and of course Jim. Many, many others have put their opinion into this book, among them the great and late Tommy Burton to whom the book is dedicated. Slade-fans will remember Burton as the piano-player on "Find Yourself A Rainbow" on the Old New Borrowed and Blue-album.
'N Between Times furthermore features a special chapter on venues, an A-Z listing of Wulfrunian groups and a listing of some of their recordings from 1964 to 1973. The book is 112 pages, richly illustrated with old b/w-photos and it has the ISBN no. 0-9541583-0-X.


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