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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Slade cut-out

Some days ago I found part of a cut-out poster of Slade. I've been searching for the rest of it, but with no luck. It was a live-sized poster from the German music magazine Bravo in 1973. The poster came in 19 pieces with 2 to 4 pieces in every magazine for 9 weeks. When you had cut out all the pieces and glued them together you had Slade life-size to put on your wall. I had this poster, but apparently also an extra piece (piece no. 10 a, showing Jim's face).
That poster hang on my wall for several years and I remember wondering if the guys were really that small. Having had the opportunity to compare to "the real thing" I later realised that the dimensions of the poster had been diminished by approximately 5%. So much for life-size posters!


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