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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

1974 articles

I just received two 1974 articles on Slade. The first is a newspaper article from November 14, 1974, the same day as the first of four concerts that Slade gave in Denmark that year. The article includes an interview with Noddy. The headline is a quote: "It's much more difficult to be rich than to be poor," says Slade-singer Noddy Holder.
Noddy admits, that he worries about losing his money and that the band is contemplating to leave England because of the British taxes. He continues telling that he wanted to be a teacher, but that his own teachers were happy when he left school. He also says that the band is hoping for a new Christmas hit like MXE and he actually foresees that MXE will become a new "White Christmas" with new releases every year.
The article states that the guys are living in respectively London and Birmingham and that Nod is the only one still single. The photo (above) is from the Danish press conference at the Plaza Hotel, Copenhagen.
The other article is from a magazine a little later that year. It says that Slade's concerts have been sell-out successes all over the country, but that at their first concert in K.B. Hallen back in 1973 chairs for £ 5,000 were smashed. At their next concert in 1974 costs for chairs were around £ 300. Slade's Danish promoter says that because of that, promoters are afraid to book them and that this might be the end of big rock concerts in Denmark. As we all now know this was not the case. Neither was the gloomy prospect of the headline: "Has Slade been to Denmark for the last time?"
Thanks to Heine for the articles.


At 10:21 AM, Blogger garyBrum said...

hi ya Lise, yes that's correct about the houses in Birmingham. We all know about Dave's pad in Solihul, Nod had a house in Sutton Coldfield, both then (72-74)were suburbs of Birmingham but now (2005) they are not.KOR Gaz

At 12:43 AM, Blogger Lise Lyng Falkenberg said...

Thanks, Gaz. The reason why I mentioned it is, that the article makes it look as if the guys are from Birmingham - not Wolverhampton.


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