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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Danish teen magazines from the 1970's

Per Christensen, the guy who let me use his photos from the ├ślstykke-concert this summer, just gave me copies of some of his wife Kirsten's teen magazines from the 1970's, mainly the ones called "Go" and "Vi Unge". Those magazines were filled with articles and photos of music- and film-idols of the time and of course Slade is also represented. Sadly the magazines are mostly from 1976 where Slade's star had reclined in Denmark, but there are also a few ones from 1974. The articles here are pretty interesting.
For instance in No. 62 of Go Magazine (1974) the band reveals that their new album is going to be called "Stop". As we all know it ended up with the title "Old New Borrowed And Blue". The band also says, that although it would be provoking having their hair cut short again like in their skinhead days, they wouldn't do it (hmm, how about that bald head of Dave's some years later?) Finally they admit that although they are not political they would never dream of voting Tory because of their working class backgrounds.
Then there's No. 54 of Go Magazine (1974). Here the guys say that if they are still around when they are 64 they'll make a No. 1 hit and call it "Easy Now Feel The Peace" (as opposed to COFTN). So how about it, Don and Dave? Only 5 more years to go!
Nice read, Per and Kirsten. Thank you. A real stroll down memory lane.


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