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Friday, January 20, 2006

Perseverance - The Story Of Slade

For Slade's 20th anniversary back in 1986 a Music Box special was made. The special was called "Perseverance - The Story Of Slade" and had Gaz Top as the host. Recently Don gave me the opportunity to see this, and it is really great. It features 9 promo videos as well as interviews with Nod, Jim, Dave and Don, taking the viewers from the first meeting of the members of Slade through their whole career to the (then) present days.
The 9 promo videos are Do You Believe In Miracles, Gudbuy T'Jane, My Friend Stan, Far Far Away, Run Runaway, All Join Hands, Myzsterious Mizster Jones, 7 Year Bitch and Give Us A Goal. Four of them I actually hadn't seen before. Of those I quite liked the gangster/prohibition story of Myzsterious Mizster Jones, but the guys seemed to have enjoyed the shooting of 7 Year Bitch more. And who can blame them, as they get into a custard pie fight with a bunch of beautiful girls with hardly any clothes on. This promo is strictly one for the male sex! Personally I prefer All Join Hands and especially Do You Believe In Miracles as the settings are great.
The interviews are very good, Gaz Top asking the right questions and the boys answering very frank and entertaining. They get around many aspects of Slade: the highs and lows of the band, the relationship to Chas Chandler, Don's accident, "Flame", Charlesworth's "Feel The Noize" book, the Perseverance company and loads more. This special is truly a little gem.


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