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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Slade Live At East Germany 1977

These days you can buy a DVD on the net called Rare Videos - Live at Granada Studios 1972/Live At East Germany Television 1977. As the Live At Granada Studios 1972 is exactly the same as the Slade Alive!-DVD mentioned somewhere else on this blog, I'll concentrate on Live At East Germany here.
The DVD contains 16 tracks taped in the the East German town of Erfurt as well as some short clips of the boys goofing around in town and separate interviews with them. Most of the songs are hits like "Cum On Feel The Noize", "'Coz I Luv You" and "Far Far Away", but also songs like "Gypsy Roadhog", "When The Lights Are Out" and "My Baby Left Me" have found their way to this DVD. All spelled wrongly, that is in correct English.
There is not much live about this television concert, though, as it is all play back. Sometimes you can hear the hard thumps of Don on the drums or Jim's precise violin cutting through the recorded sound, but that's it. Nod doesn't even bother to pretend that this is live as he lets go of his guitar several times. As Nod has never been good at lip sync you'll also see him forget to move his lips a couple of times while hearing his voice booming out into the studio.
The studio audience is quite a chapter of its own. They clap their hands all right, but sit perfectly still with gloomy expressions on their faces. Like mindless zombies not knowing what the heck is going on. Not until the encore (a second rendition of My Baby Left Me) do they freak out. Nod and Dave are going into the audience, Nod flirting left and right, and the audience invades the stage where Jim asks a young girl to wipe off the sweat of his face before she gets pushed away by security.
The concert itself is really no big deal, but the few clips of the guys in town and the interviews are great. Among other things Nod says that he sees MXE and Gudbuy T'Jane as Slade's biggest hits, Jim admits that he wants to do some solo work, Don lies himself 5 years younger to fit in with the "official" ages of the boys back then, and Dave says that he's never sad except when the tax man comes around. Unfortunately all the interviews are simultaneous interpreted into German so you can't hear exactly what the guys are saying. All though I understand German perfectly well, it is annoying not to be able to hear the "real thing". Only Jim pauses for the interpreter to finish his sentences, which makes the interpreter wait for Jim to finish his, so at least you can hear Jim a little better than the others. Apart from the interpretations the interviews are really good, and also note the intro AND the credits where the guys have to clean up. Hilarious!


At 8:32 PM, Blogger Monika Kahle said...

Dear Lise,
I saw this show in 1977 in TV at home.
The TV show had the name RUND and was a special music-show for the young people.
We was so grazy and happy, with tears in the eyes, for watch SLADE for the first time at the TV ! It was great !
I have also a DVD from this show.
Thanks for mention this on your blog.
I was also going in contact with Erfurt and asked maybe for a come back for SLADE this year. I`ve got not an answer till yet.Let`s see ! :-)Best greetings from Helsinki and keep on the fantastic work

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Lise Lyng Falkenberg said...

Hi Monika,
It was nice to read about your experiences with this show.


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