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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don in Sounds

As I've mentioned before my whole collection of Slade-photos, posters and newspaper clippings was destroyed when my childhood home was torn down back in 1994. Only very few things survived and one of them was a full-page interview with Don in Sounds, October 19, 1974.
Bill Henderson, who made the interview, seems a bit bored by the whole Slade fame. He obviously finds that there is nothing new to talk to Don about, as Slade at that point had hit record upon hit record and did one sell out concert after the other. The reason for the interview is the upcoming "Flame"-movie, but even that bores Mr. Henderson.
It isn't boring reading Don's answers, though. About the sound track album for "Flame" he says, "It's the first time we ever used anything outside the group before, it was really strange having other guys in the studio and then listening back to it afterwards. We sound like a real group! We used the brass - Georgie Fame's horn section- to augment a few things."
The interview also gets into Slade's attempt to crack the US and into touring. Here Don says, "We're the kind of group that it's hard for us not to work, to actually tour 'cause we get bored if we don't. I mean, it's great to have some time off when we've finished but it's great to get back. That's the big kick we get, doing one-nighters."
Finally Don is asked what innovations he might like to introduce to the band's sound, but Don just answers, "Personally I like to use an old kit with pigskin heads to get back to that old, earthy sound."
Mr. Henderson is not amused, but I am. The interview is lousy written, but the answers are great!


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