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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Record Collector

The November-issue of Record Collector sports a 9 pages feature on Slade. The feature consists of interviews with the guys, covering their career. The interviews were made separately a few months ago. I like the fact that it is only the ”voices” of the guys that you hear, that you only get the comments of the author in the intro, especially when you think of the research-errors in the attached ”20 Top Slade Fax” fact box.
It’s mostly Nod who gets quoted, but the others get some few good ones in there as well, Dave revealing his doubts about using the Slade II name, Jim talking about his new album and Don about his wishful thinking regarding Black Country virgins!
As such there is nothing new for hard-core fans, the stories are all common knowledge and the pics we’ve seen before, but it is really, really nice with such a prominent feature and the issue also sports a review of the box. Here Jim gets a special mention, so does Wonderin’ Y, but RC ends up giving the box only 3 out of 5 stars. I think it would have got at least an extra one had RC seen the actual box and not just based the review on advanced discs.


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