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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Slade Papers

The Slade Papers is a collection of the Slade Fan Club newsletters from July 1971 to April 1976 (although it says May 1971 on the cover). This book is quite difficult to get hold of, at least I’d never been able to, but recently a fan made it possible for me to read it.
The newsletters included news updates, tour dates, contests, sales of Slade-related paraphernalia, reviews, a Dave Hill “guitar school” and personal messages from band members. When reading those messages, they sometimes come across a bit odd and “out of character” so to speak. No wonder, because according to Don they didn’t write them. It was just one of the fan-“illusions” created by the Fan Club, another being that of Diana, who penned the newsletters. In real life Diana didn’t exist, but was the penname of John Bright, an employee of Chas Chandler.
As the newsletters were written for fans, their contents were all rosy, the guys could do no wrong, and serious happenings such as Don’s accident is quieted down. It almost feels like a shock when in the Dec/Jan 1975/6-issue there surfaces a BAD review of “In For A Penny” from Melody Maker! What makes The Slade Papers a great read anyway, is that the newsletters were written right then and there when it all happened. This kind of authenticity is priceless. And for people like myself who love all kinds of totally useless trivia The Slade Papers is also a goldmine.
Thanks a lot for helping me out, Lee, and a thank you from Don as well.


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