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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Till Deaf Do Us Part

I’m very pleased with the re-issue of “Till Deaf Do Us Part” from USM as I for one have never been able to get the album with the nail-in-ear cover before! Wonderfully remastered by Tim Turan and with Funk Punk & Junk as sole bonus track.
The 12 pages booklet has Chris Ingham comment on the tracks and on Slade’s complete separation from Chas Chandler. Again Ingham compares the tracks to earlier ones and has a special mention (more than once) of Dave’s M’Hat M’Coat. Also Dave being the originator of the album-title is mentioned.
Like the rest of the re-issues this is a great product, although the booklet pics could have been more exciting, especially the Reading one as there are so many great Reading-shots out there.


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