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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Collection 79-87

This 2 CD release is identical with the albums ”Slade Collection 81-87” from 1991 and ”Slade Collection Vol. 2 79-87” from 1993. I must admit that those 2 albums have never been the ones that I put on to convince people of Slade’s greatness. Although they contain great Slade tunes, they also contain some of their less superior tracks. However, I’ve always liked the cleverness of putting live-tracks on as well, in this way being able to include songs prior to 1979 such as “Everyday”, “Gudbuy T’Jane” and “Mama Weer All Crazee Now”. Not only does it allow for older hits to be on, it also gives the listener a feel of Slade’s energetic live performances.
Union Square Music’s double CD is as usual brilliantly remastered by Tim Turan and it comes with a 12 pages full colour booklet with a track by track mention of the songs. The concert photos fit in neatly with the concept.
The cover photos is from the “Slade Smashes” photo session, but reversed. This way the guys are shown it the reversed order from the “Slayed?” cover and looses a bit of its resemblance to that.

This was the last of Union Square Music’s re-releases so I’ll take this opportunity to thank USM for their brilliant work this past year, bringing out Slade’s back catalogue in a fashion that loads of fans have been waiting for. A special thank you to Steve Fruin for pleasant co-operation and to Paul Lowe and Chas Chandler as well.


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