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Monday, May 26, 2008

May 25, 2008

I was up at ten for breakfast and afterwards we sat outside with a cup of tea. Dave, Sam and Robin went to the water to watch the boats and the rest of the guys went to their rooms, whereas Don and I sat talking. We talked about it being stupid that Don had to go with the rest of the band to Stavanger to fly to Oslo and catch a plane to Denmark from there, when he could have saved four hours by going with me to Karmoy and get a direct flight to Copenhagen. Then Jostein, Björn and Jan turned up at the hotel around noon and after half an hour I said my goodbyes to Don and the rest, before Jostein drove me to the airport on Karmoy. When we got there we were told that all flights to Denmark were cancelled! Oh, the irony of life! Now I had to go to Oslo, just like Don, but as my flight was from Karmoy instead of Stavanger, I still got home three hours prior to him.
In any case it had been a lovely weekend. Thank you to Lars Ove, Jostein and of course Helge Berthelsen for inviting me and making my stay very pleasant and thanks to Don, the rest of the band, their families and crew for making the weekend great. See you in June!


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