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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Happy anniversary, guys!

40 years ago today the four members of the band that was to become Slade gave their first gig together in Walsall Town Hall, so I found it in its place to take a short stroll down Memory Lane with a few photos. Above you see a 1966 publicity shot of The N'Betweens followed by a pic of 3 Men In A Boat where the guys had their first "secret" rehearsal. Next up is the only photo that I've been able to find of the 400 Ballroom (now called Route 66) in Torquay where the boyz got their first shot at playing to a live audience as a foursome, because then-singer Johnny Howells didn't attend a gig. Then we have a pic of Walsall Town Hall, where Nod, Don, Jim and Dave did that first "official" gig 40 years ago. And finally: no mention of the anniversary without a shot of The Trumpet in Bilston! It's Don and me outside The Trumpet, December 2005.
Many, many thanks to Chris Selby from Rocking The Boat! for the b/w pics! Have a happy anniversary, all, and don't forget the Slade convention in Bilston this Easter!


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