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Sunday, October 22, 2006

MOJO feature

MOJO has an 8-page feature on Slade in their November-issue, including a very good review of the Flame-film. As for the rest of the feature…oh, well. It has some nice pics and the story of Slade’s career is being told, but when that is said, it is as if MOJO’s main mission is to paint a wickedly distorted picture of the original band members and their mutual relationships.
The guys are all assigned one-sided, caricatured roles (very similar to those in Flame actually) in order for MOJO to give the misleading impression that they all hate each other; Dave thus being the sex-crazed egomaniac, Don the goofy drunk, Jim the over-ambitious basket case who caused the end of Slade, and Nod the almost god-like father figure, solely responsible for the success of the band. What a load of crap! MOJO conveniently forgets to tell minor details such as Dave being married to the same woman for more than 30 years, Don not having touched any liquor for decades, Jim being the musical brains behind Slade and Nod the one who handed in his notice, thereby ending the original band. Added to that MOJO gives the Slade box a shitty review, actually saying not to buy this.
All in all a feature of almost gutter press dimensions, but at least Mark Kermode’s Flame-review is spot-on.


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