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Monday, March 19, 2007

Cum On Feel The Noize! The Story Of Slade

Let me starts by saying that the biography ”Cum On Feel The Noize! The Story Of Slade” is unauthorized. Slade themselves had absolutely nothing to do with it and when you read it you understand why: this book is a total rip-off. The authors Alan Parker and Steve Grantley have lifted almost everything from other books, magazines, TV-interviews, websites, whatever they could get their hands on. Own inputs are scarce and often incorrect and interpretations of events mostly odd. Frequent are however typos, repetitions and gross errors, one of the worst being that they lay the blame for Don’s car accident solely on Don. Not even the police did that! The massive quoting of other people’s work is done in a way so nobody but Nod can sue them, and personally it pissed me off seeing my interviews with Don being lifted and placed in the book, credited to Messrs Parker & Grantley, without even a mention of source. Look out, Carlton Books, you’ve got mail! Well, actually I don’t know what is worse: being ripped off without mentioning, or being listed as a source for this scam. When that is said, the book has really great photos!


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